Gluten-Free Comfort Food Favorites by René Miller

Gluten-Free Comfort Food Favorites

20 Delicious and Easy-to-Make Gluten-Free Recipes, FREE!

About René

I am on a mission to help women with celiac, because I have been there! I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2008. This diagnosis changed my life and I became so interested in nutrition that I went back to school and graduated with a Master’s of Science in Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine. I’m also a certified Health & Wellness Coach, all of which has given me the expertise to hold your hand and help you achieve a “new normal” with celiac so that you can feel confident and strong going forward.

And when I’m not educating and coaching my clients, I can usually be found playing tennis, reading, or walking my adorable Labradoodle, Sidney. I live in Portland, Oregon with my husband John. We have two adult children, aged 27 and 25, who love to visit us and play with the dog of course. I volunteer with the local chamber of commerce, chairing their busy ambassador committee. I truly enjoy connecting with people and helping them!

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René is a fabulous coach!  She brings a calm yet motivational presence to each session.  I loved how René clearly listened to what I wanted to accomplish and helped me clarify a path forward.  Her expertise in nutrition partnered with her coaching skills were an excellent match for my needs.  I have been able to stay committed to my 3 month goals thanks to René, and I am so grateful for the results of our work together.
Bridgette B.
René opened my eyes to a new way of setting health goals. My whole life health goals have always been about my weight. Through René I realized it's about my entire health: food, water, finances, sleep, exercise, time for myself, time for family/friends, etc. By changing my goals each week to meet both my short term needs while still working towards my long term goals, I was able to understand that you don't have to do it all every day. You can change your focus based on what is happening in life and give yourself a break. I will carry the tools René gave me and continue to use them as I work towards current, and future, goals. I highly recommend René. 

Michelle W.

Sunny Life Wellness

I’m René Miller, a holistic Nutritionist specializing in Celiac Disease. My passion is working with gluten-free clients, to give them the tools they need to have more skills and confidence, while making it easy to live a gluten-free lifestyle and still have family meals and a social life.