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I’m René Miller, a holistic Nutritionist specializing in Celiac Disease. My passion is working with gluten-free clients, to give them the tools they need to have more skills and confidence, while making it easy to live a gluten-free lifestyle and still have family meals and a social life.


René’s program was so different than any program I had ever done. I came to realize that I really enjoyed her approach. We talked about my goals, struggles, and new ways to work on myself. Every week she would listen to my week’s progress. She introduced me to new techniques. These techniques helped me visualize and understand my struggles with weight. Practicing them helped me learn acceptance and how to make positive changes. Her caring and commitment was evident every week. I highly recommend her program to anyone wanting a new approach to self-improvement. Thank you René.
Marci W.
René opened my eyes to a new way of setting health goals. My whole life health goals have always been about my weight. Through René I realized it's about my entire health: food, water, finances, sleep, exercise, time for myself, time for family/friends, etc. By changing my goals each week to meet both my short term needs while still working towards my long term goals, I was able to understand that you don't have to do it all every day. You can change your focus based on what is happening in life and give yourself a break. I will carry the tools René gave me and continue to use them as I work towards current, and future, goals. I highly recommend René.
Michelle M.
René is a fabulous coach!  She brings a calm yet motivational presence to each session.  I loved how René clearly listened to what I wanted to accomplish and helped me clarify a path forward.  Her expertise in nutrition partnered with her coaching skills were an excellent match for my needs.  I have been able to stay committed to my 3 month goals thanks to René, and I am so grateful for the results of our work together.
Bridgette B.
René's guidance and support really helped me focus on my individual challenges and identifying what worked for me. She gave me tools to stay focused and how to get back on track in my busy life. She helped me understand my triggers as well as being much more aware of how I consume food such as paying attention to automatic eating, rather than taking the time and actually enjoying a meal.   If you are looking to make healthy, positive changes in your life, René is your coach!
Evelyn O.

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